The Great Achievement of The Preiss Company

The Preiss Company

The students today come to campus to have their classes however, there are much more that might happen on campus. The commuter students are part of the activities in North Carolina, in which off campus living is the best way to make these students be connected to the campus. Because of this, some university has been partnered with The Preiss Company in which it specializes to provide some off campus housing solution to all college students.

At The Preiss Company, you will have the opportunity to experience its best from the best. This company takes their pride with their property management. They have the good staffs who are always available to all the residents wherein they are just phone call away if you need their service. It specializes when it comes to property management and can properly and effectively deal with different kinds situation that might arise since they have well-trained staff.

This company has property managers who support leasing, IT support, business and maintenance to the personnel together with their staff. They are ready to assist and maintain the resident’s environment a nice place to live. If ever you are in need of off campus living, you are in the right place because you will have the opportunity to receive their award winning services.

The Preiss Company has been founded in year 1987 by the company leader Donna Preiss. It is considered as the fifth largest off campus living in the nation that is being run by a woman. If can offer you impressive portfolio that will compromise to almost 250 family homes and 16,000 beds for students. The services of this company will provide you the following:

  • Property management
  • Development services
  • Acquisition
  • Garden development
  • Development consulting
  • Construction management
  • Ground up construction
  • Consulting services for off campus and in campus partners

This company also affiliates with the Urban Land Institute, National Apartment Association, Certified Commercial Investment Member, Institute of Real Estate Management, Commercial Real Estate Women, and National Multi-Family housing Council. Due to its great services over the years, The Preiss Company receives the most top award in this kind of industry which truly they can be proud of. They have been recognized by the local and national publications and among of them include:

  • Best Creative Financing Award  – Student Housing Business Magazine
  • Impact Award – Business Leader Magazine
  • Innovator Award – Student Housing Business Magazine
  • Pinnacle Master Award for the Profitability and Steady Growth
  • Fast 50 Award
  • Top Sales Honor – Triangle Sales and Marketing Council
  • Metro Bravo award for the real estate
  • Top Apartment Property Management Companies – Triangle Business Journal
  • Top Women –Owned Business – triangle Business Journal
  • 13 Most Creative Deals – Apartment Finance Today
  • Network Impact Award – Commercial Real Estate Women

All of these success of The Preiss Company are the result of the hard work that is performed by the qualified, experienced and dedicated team members of the company. They can truly represent the great value of one company and can offer the great teamwork and spirit of professionalism to successfully run this business and maintain its competitiveness in the market.

Because of this, the dedications they provide is continuously evolve and create great innovations until now. So if you are looking for place where you can live comfortably and safely, this company will guarantee that you are in the right place. They can always give you the best assistance that you are looking for in one place. Thus you will always find this place as overwhelming and relaxing that is suited for your studies.

The Preiss Company

No doubt why this off campus living in North Carolina are the best choice by lots of students since it has the ability to deliver the untiring services of The Preiss Company to all the students in the area.


How SearchLock Protects Your Privacy for Your Online Activities?


In today’s modern technology, the use of computers, smartphone devices and internet is continuously on the rise. This fact is due to the number of benefits the modern technology has provided for the humanity. Almost all people of today are relying on the information posted on the internet and because of this there are billions of searches made every day around the world.

Internet or online browsing nowadays also include online shopping and many other services that made our daily life more convenient. In connection with this, online users are required to use their personal accounts including their most sensitive personal information. We are all aware that there are risks that someone could possibly make an access to our personal accounts through search history and this is very dangerous especially if your past search is very confidential and private. If you are too concerned of your safety and privacy, you need to have something that can protect your online browsing from any kinds of risks. And that something is SearchLock. This is a kind of software that will protect your privacy effectively as you browse or make transactions online using your sensitive information and personal accounts.

The following are the ways on how SearchLock protects your privacy for your online activities:

  • This tool can prevent keystroke logging through the different search engine. Once you have tried to search online without the SearchLock extension, the keystrokes will then be sent to the SE you’re using that will provide you SE suggestions. SearchLcok will prevent the keystrokes from being sent to the SEs where you information can possibly be at risks.
  • This can provide privacy-friendly search results and can divert unsafe searches. Many people are not aware that most search engines are capable of tracking any past searches and store the entire search history including your name and other personal data that are used in your search. SearchLock will act as a shield that will prevent tracking and storage of your personal data. They can detect and divert your search queries and keystrokes that can be used to track you. The privacy-search result of SearchLock will intercept and redirect your searches on the safest place possible.
  • This tool doesn’t hold server logs, unlike most of the website that retains the server logging. The websites that use server logs will not be able to track your searching activities. Despite such amazing feature, this tool can still be used for the Google Analytics where your time, date, IP address, and other personal information used on your computer online are recorded. Having this kind of feature will let a particular website to easily identify you as the user. SearchLock isn’t using any kind of tracking tool that can possibly compromise your privacy in any way. This also disables the server logging in order for you visit not to be recorded.
  • SearchLock can prevent the ISP from tracking or recording your online search activities. Some of the search engines don’t really encrypt searches and queries. This fact allows the ISP to connect and access your personal data and account online. Once having SearchLock extension on your browser, your searches will be encrypted in order to ensure that even your Internet Service Provider will not have access to your online accounts.
  • Through the SearchLock extension, your entire searches will never be associated with your online accounts. Most of the search engines offer kind of services that can collect your data information such as the Google+, Gmail, Ymail and YouTube. By having SearchLock, you will be able to completely disconnect your searches from being linked to your online accounts and social media profiles.


Those are the many ways on how SearchLock can protect your privacy during your online activities. By nnowing these ways, you shouldn’t doubt its ability to safely protect and secure your online data information when doing online activities

Frank Weglarz: Dedication to Work Is Very Important To Be Successful

Frank Weglarz

Frank Weglarz is known as a third generation worker on sheet metals. He is the son of namesake Frank Weglarz Sr, who in turn is the owner and founder of Weglarz Mechanical Inc. The heir of his family business which debuted way back in 1980, everyone did not suspect that Frank Jr has his own plans and hopes in life. This became apparent when he finished high school from Rolling Meadows High School. He then applied and got drafted to attend Augustana College. He took Finance and minored in Sociology and Economics, which were a little bit distanced from the management that the family business will require.

While in college, Frank Jr also had a great time in his academics and sports. He played for the school’s team while also attentively being in class every passing day in Rock Island, Illinois. While he never missed everything that youth brings in, his desire to become someone of his own has become all the more apparent in each passing day. This is why when he finally applied to become a part of the sales force of a commercial insurance firm, no one is surprised. He is destined to make things on his own and his career is definitely going to be his own as well.

For eight (8) wonderful years in sales, Frank Jr made a great career with his chosen company. It was just recently, with his equally talented wife Jessica, Frank has eventually made up his mind to go back to his roots and venture in the same industry that made his family known. This is when Action Air HVAC Construction Inc. became up and live in his local hometown. He founded and opened the company sometime in July 2014 and together with his wife, he is able to stabilize its management to serve its purpose and function in the community that he vowed to serve with his expertise.

Action Air HVAC Construction Inc. is a firm that is destined to be known and be great as its owner. It offers top of this world services that includes construction of new residential and commercial properties as well as reconstruction and remodeling of old homes and business spaces. It has also brought in up to date technologies in the areas it is serving, including tankless heaters and forced air to specific contained areas of homes and business spaces. With all these things offered, the company is expected to make it big in the class and industry it is part of.

Frank Weglarz

For any construction and remodeling needs, there is no need to go far because Action Air HVAC Construction Inc., together with its reliable and highly capable management, is designed to serve those who need their services. There is no need to settle for anything less then. Trust only the name that is trusted for the kind of services it offers. For anything associated with construction, go for Action Air HVAC Construction Inc. by the man who have been instrumental in modernizing Mount Prospect, Frank Weglarz.


Top Quality Online Marketing Solutions with Roland Frasier

Roland Frasier

There are different approaches in online marketing but they only have a single goal and that is to market anything using the internet. It is a way for publicity without spending a lot of money. A marketing strategy aims that to reach many people and make the public know about their company and their services. Well, if you need a true expert in online marketing, Roland Frasier is the right professional for you.

The Benefits that Online Marketing from Roland Frasier Offers

Widest scope of internet marketing

As it is made online, it can reach not only the people from but all over the world as well. This helps in removing the barriers brought by distance. Without a need for building establishments around the world, you could reach many customers. It could be a strategy done by a company in order to widen their customer range internationally and have more people availing their products and services.

Increased web traffic

Roland Frasier is capable of giving you the highest chance to make your website get more traffic. More traffic means that   more people are interested in the products and services you offer. As many people gets to know your company and the services you offer, you would have higher chance of gaining more profit.

Build a relationship with customers

Online marketing is also a great way to build a good relationship with your customers or prospect clients. Since it is done online, it is easier and faster to answer all of their questions regarding the product or service. It is also easier to know what the customer wants and needs so that you could come up with new ideas to serve them better.

Day-in, day-out continuous marketing

One of the greatest benefits of online marketing with Roland Frasier is that you would be able to market your products and services 24 hours every day including weekends. Since people use the internet any time of the day, they would be able to see your marketing campaign no matter what time or day it is.

Save money

Compared to other marketing strategies out there, online marketing costs lesser making you save more money and spend it on other important processes of the company. You do not have to pay for rent and for printing. You only need to have a good internet signal.

Personalization and Customization

With the versatile online marketing software of Roland Frasier, you could group customers depending on their needs, history, profile, preferences and others. You would also be able to track down what specific pages your customer visits based on the traffic your website gets.


You no longer have to go from a distance just to widen your customer reach and the customers would not need to visit the store just to see the products and services that awaits them. Thus, making it more convenient for both you and your customers since they can visit your store online and you could make your products and services available anytime.


Creating an online marketing strategy does not require a lot of time as well us uploading it online making you save more time on more important aspects of the business.

Roland Frasier

With the increase use of the internet, business owner do not want to miss chances so they found out ways on how to use the internet to their advantage and that is why online marketing is a popular marketing strategy to target different customers across the globe. If you want to work with the best in this kind of industry, the best thing for you to do is to contact Roland Frasier. With his brilliant online marketing solutions, you can expect an immediate boom in your online business.


Jerome Bohringer: Showing Us How to Live a Simple Life and Have a Good Reputation

Jerome Bohringer

Do you need to be a mega-successful or multi-billionaire individual just to create a good reputation around and maintain it? Absolutely no! Because even if you are living in the low-class society or just “one” of the crowd, it’s a must to establish a good reputation that will keep other people respect who and what you are. Establishing a good reputation isn’t only for big business nor recognized individuals in the society. Even a simple man around should develop and keep a good reputation of himself.

A simple man who is living a simple life is who Jerome Bohringer is. You probably find his name a bit strange, no, not really strange, but unfamiliar. Sure, no one will recognize him immediately especially if you aren’t from Raleigh where Jerome currently resides. So what’s the point of knowing him or perhaps bothering yourself or wasting your time to read something about him? To be honest, there’s nothing, really. But a kind of, it can give you a hint of who really he is and the importance of knowing the person first before jumping into conclusion.

Just what have been mentioned above, Jerome Bohringer is just a simple man with no excessive wealth to boast nor exemplary skills to admire but is living life accordingly. He is a good citizen of NC and a good person to his friends and colleagues while living life as what society dictates a man should be- gentleman, strong, righteous, and a man whom people can depend on. Though a mere commoner, he helps in making our world a good place to live in, especially for the future generation.

A simple man of Raleigh, Jerome lives as what a commoner should, to follow the society rules and norms. There’s really nothing distinct about him. He is a good member of his family, a friend and colleague, helping those who are in need and treating them with utmost respect. You can definitely count on this person who will surely defend any friend in times of crisis. Generally, he is a well-rounded and great yet simple kind of person. Perhaps, that was it! That was the point of knowing him. His great attributes is worth knowing. Though he sometimes have a bad temper (it can’t be avoided, admit it. Though you’re very innocent and righteous, there are times when annoying circumstances will just pissed you off. Having a bad temper is part of being a human and is natural), he is still a great, simple man you’ll encounter around.

In today’s society where annoying circumstances happen every now and then and not-so-good things scattered everywhere, being nice might be quite a daunting and real challenging task. Oftentimes, you might just prefer to track the opposite path rather than being right and just but no matter how badly wanted too, the righteousness and goodness should prevail. Jerome does everything in accordance to what is good and right.

Jerome Bohringer

Jerome Bohringer is a common individual around whom you will rarely notice or give attention to. But he is a good person if you will know him in a nutshell. He also has an integrity, which is an essential characteristic that a good man should possesses. He remains true both to himself and to his words. Once he told you he’s going to accomplish or do something, he’ll definitely follow through. He also has a positive outlook in life, though it’s quite difficult to do so considering the negative society we currently live in.

With all those incredible characteristics, we can conclude that he is indeed a good man who has a good established reputation among his friends, family and colleagues.

Prestige Corporate Living Offers High Quality Service

Prestige Corporate Living

While having a business commitment in Kansas City, there’s no better way than getting a luxurious and comfortable accommodation in Prestige Corporate Living.

As soon as you have a future business event, you need to plan ahead for a smoother and safer trip. Corporate apartment is included in the list, especially if you don’t have any kin or friend to stay at during your venture. Business persons inside and outside of Kansas City highly trust the convenience and affordability of Prestige Corporate Living.

Prestige Corporate Living, LLC offers corporate room rentals to sports team and business executives. It is managed by Richard Scott Smith. Every unit is fully furnished with dishware, bath products and bedding. Families relocating, medical professionals, sports team or anyone who needs furnished housing can be accommodated.

Aside from providing modern facilities, the staffs are very friendly and attentive to every detail. Any concerns or queries you may have will be addressed the soonest time possible to avoid any hassles on your part. Richard Scott Smith, also known as Rick by his clients, is a good manager and leader. This is proven since then and until now. That’s why he has repeated customers and most of them are very pleased working with him and investing in his company.

Rick only offers the best when it comes to corporate housing apartment rentals to sports team and business executives going to Des Moines areas and Kansas City. Convenience is one of the top benefits you will get when you get an accommodation. Fresh air and scenic nature are also offered. You can talk a walk around the area and witness the beautiful surroundings you will find.

When you travel in Kansas City, you don’t need to bring with your other items. Prestige Corporate Living will provide everything you need which includes bedding and linens, kitchen appliances, dishware and silverware, washer and dryer as well as bath products and toiletries. This will be less hassle to you and to your members.

Having an excellent customer support 24-hour, seven days a week also makes Rick and his company unparalleled to other competitors. He knows and understands that life can be tentative sometimes that is mainly why he offers flexible rent terms. This is subject to availability. The pricing rate depends on your initial lease term.

When it comes to professionalism and hospitality, Richard Scott Smith and his team of professionals are topping these qualities. In a world where customer service is declining, Prestige Corporate Living sets the bar high for the sake and comfort of every customer. After working with Rick and staying in one of his units, you will definitely become a client for good.

What makes Rick and Prestige Corporate Living more interesting is that, the process is unbelievably easy, the faculty is secure and clean. Pay a visit with him at your initial call and he will attentively listen to your needs and requirements, as well as arrange with a unit perfectly suited to you. From very clean and appointed rooms to beautiful kitchen with new accessories and appliances, everything is arranged as regards to your preferences and budget.

Prestige Corporate Living

In addition, Prestige Corporate Living is also a great place to enjoy and relax yourself from a stressful work. Jacuzzi, pool, clubhouse with workout room, pool table, theater and grill area with bar will definitely make you impress. They provide amazing experience for your stay. Rick made all of these to let you feel relax while having your business commitment or sports event inside the country.

Prestige Corporate Living is one of the trusted corporate housing rentals inside and even outside of Kansas City, being managed by Richard Scott Smith. For the past years, he is known for providing excellent apartment rentals at fair pricing.


Helena Weil: The Amazing Psychologist

Helena Weil

The world has many gifted doctors who are proven their worth and expertise to the line or profession they have engaged themselves in. A profession should not only be about the service rendered to patients but also the sincere quality to serve those in need. Serving others with the sincere dedication and not only to gain profit, is a noble deed. Many admire those doctors who really care for the benefits of their patients no matter the situations they are in. That is called genuine passion.

One of the many great minds who has this certain trait is Dr. Helena Weil of Kensington in the United States. Dr. Weil has become known for her expertise in treating psychological disorders to many patients in the different parts of the United States. The patients are from the workers in the US Postal Office and some from faraway places who are in search of a good doctor. Helena Weil did all means to see and listen to the problems of these people in all possible way she can to help them get well. The consultation is delivered in a fast, convenient, and comfortable manner as possible, avoiding too much tension for the patient to feel comfortable. The sessions are handled with care and consideration. Each patient is grateful to the many works that Dr. Weil had done.

In curing a psychological problem, a psychologist must have the patience and sincerity to listen to things that they have to say. Each patient has his or her own history on having that kind of illness. They have different situations wherein the psychologist must do his or her best in order to understand and at the same time analyze the root of the sickness in order to prescribe the right medication for it. These qualities are all inside the good heart of Dr. Helena Weil.

Dr. Weil not only administers the proper cure but most importantly she cares for them and upholds the idea that patients must be well taken care of. The main duty of a doctor is not only to cure patients but also to instill them the value of hope and faith. These values are essential for them not to worry too much of the sickness but to trust in God for a faster recovery. With deep faith and the help of a good psychologist like Dr. Weil, the trauma or anxiety that troubles each patient is erased leading to an immediate recovery from the illness.

Helena Weil

With regards to mind disorders, Dr. Helena Weil has proven her worth in providing excellent services to the numerous American people who have sought out her help. In curing a disease, Dr. Weil expertly plans the possible solutions that can be administered to the patient, probing the cause of such illness so as to find the exact cure for it. She has never been biased in giving treatment and treats each patient equally, regardless of their status in the society.  Her clinic is open to anyone who is in need of treatment. The people with disabilities are well take care of as well as the children of poor families living in and outside of the community. Medical Missions are done by Dr. Weil to further reach out to the people who are still in need of help.

The medical missions last for a month or two depending on the patients who are in need of help. Dr. Weil doesn’t complain because what’s important to her is to give the best treatment to the suffering. She is an ideal, passionate, and well dedicated doctor indeed. She is a truly amazing person to look up to.

Austin Ruse: C-FAM President

Austin Ruse

C-FAM or Catholic Family And Human Rights Institute is a research institute based in United States. And the President of this institution is no other than Austin Ruse. Aside from being the President, he is also considered as a regular contributor into the and would write weekly column on The Catholic Thing and Crisis Magazine. Before he started helping to found the C-FAM, he already worked into a magazine publishing at Fortune, Forbes, Rolling Stone and the Atlantic Monthly.

Austin Ruse is considered as a Knight of Magistral Grace into the Sovereign Military Order of Malta as well as a Knight into the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre. He is as well considered as recipient of Defender of Life Award being presented by the Students for Life of America. In addition, he received John Cardinal O’Connor Award by the Legatus. Another award was given to this man and his wife named Cathy and that is John Paul II Award for Advancing the Culture of Life being awarded by Institute for the Psychological Sciences. He as well holds undergraduate degrees in Political Science and Journalism from University of Missouri along with Honorary Doctorate coming from the Franciscan University of Steubenville.

Being the president of C-FAM, he would definitely bring the institution on the top. As for the mission of the institution wherein Austin Ruse is the President states that they are to defend life as well as family at the international institutions and also to publicize the debate. They also have this vision of preserving the international laws through discrediting those socially radical policies at UN as well as other international institutions. In addition, Austin Ruse definitely possesses the core values of his institution and those are fidelity to the teaching of the church, professionalism, perseverance and truth telling.

Being an active leader of the said institution, Austin Ruse played of great role more than being a leader. The said organization was founded along with the purpose of monitoring as well as affecting the social policy debate within United Nations and some other international institutions. Ruse was capable of leading the team to definitely what their goals are as into the said institution. Additionally, with the help of the expertise of this man, this non-profit or non-partisan research institute is more than dedicated in terms of re-establishing proper understanding with regards to international law therefore capable of protecting the national sovereignty and also the human person’s dignity.He had participated as well in numbers of major UN social policy debate such as Convention on Disabilities, International Criminal Court, Beijing +5, and Cairo +5 and a lot more. Under the leadership of Austin Ruse, C-FAM promotes and publishes scholarship being related to the proposition that UN and some other international institutions harm in a true understanding of the international law and within the process under the family and some other institutions that we request to have a free, just and happy life. Apart from that, C-FAM interfaces regularly with the policy makers, diplomats, activists, academics and some office holders all over the world being led by Ruse.

Austin Ruse

Having a leader like Austin Ruse will definitely lead a certain institution to reach success. Just like with the C-FAM wherein Ruse is the President. The institution was able to ensure achieving their goals along with addressing the needs of those that are relying to their institution. Indeed, a great leader must have the ability to lead the team and the entire organization in conquering the society therefore achieving the mission, vision and goals of it. In the case of C-FAM, they have the best leader named Austin Ruse.

Dr. Devon Golding: A Trustworthy and The Best Doctor

Dr. Devon GoldingEach one of us differs when it comes to priorities in life. However, not all of us include our health in our top priorities in life but that should not be it. The reason for this is that health can affect the quality of our life and that it why it is essential. Besides, through it, it is possible to have a longer life with the persons that we love while we are doing things that makes our heart feel great. But, there is also no doubt that all doctors are different. It is sometimes inevitable for other doctors to be better like Dr. Devon Golding. Learn more about Dr. Devon Golding here:

For a doctor and patient relationship to work, one of the most important things that should be present is trust. The reason behind this is that patients need to be honest about what they feel, especially to their doctor since it would aid a lot in the diagnosis of their condition. On the other hand, the patient is also not likely to seek for help from someone who they do not trust, even if they have great background and experience in working in the field. This is what Dr. Devon Golding wanted to emphasize.

Dr. Devon Golding
He wanted to let all people know that trustworthy doctors such as him still exist and so, there is no need for them to lose hope and to think that their condition or illnesses are incurable. Furthermore, saving lives has been one of Dr. Devon Golding’s passions in life and so, his profession is truly right for him. Therefore, he has studied really hard and has given in his all for his chosen path. More than that, aiding people to extend their life has been his goal and he is very much willing to do so.

He is also someone who is there to lend an ear to his patients. He is there to give them comfort in order for them also to have a positive outlook in life. As a way to give back to the trust given to him, Dr. Devon Golding is giving more attention in the quality of health care that he provides, ensuring that it is of high quality. Moreover, he also gives importance to his patient’s confidentiality. This is because he believes that even though he is a doctor, he has no right to interfere with the personal life of his patients. Moreover, he believe that instead of doing those things, he can help his patients more by making sure that they always feel his presence. Because of the things mentioned, there is no doubt that is can be trusted.

Learn How to Make the right decision to opt for reputed experts from Kansas Counselors

Kansas Counselors

Are you looking for a highly reputed payment issues service provider? If yes, you will be the lucky to receive the services of trusted company that will comply to your specific requirements. There are reliable Kansas Counselors who are pleased to help you find the best resolution for bad debt. Kansas Counselors is a perfect place for those who are looking for the best services for skip tracing, litigation and credit reporting. More About Kansas Counselors website,visit here:

You can count on the undisputed services of professional Kansas Counselors. They are already familiar with the diverse needs of every client when it comes to addressing bad debt. Whatever your preferences are, you will always get the best service which you will call your best answered prayer.

Not only there is a good number of services but you can also expect a good price. There is nothing for you to fret about surprising high price tags because you and your staff can expect an honest to goodness pricing of their services. Settle with Kansas Counselors and you will nod about the great efficiency that all their services have.

Kansas Counselors is perfect for those who want to improve the efficiency level of their office staff. They also boasts excellent instructors, reputable debt collectors as well as educational workshops in various aspects. Since Kansas Counselors have a sensitive understanding about your needs, rest assured that you will surely love the degree of their services.

If you want to engage in a more optimized revenue of your office, you will surely have multiple opportunities from various services offered by Kansas Counselors. There are a lot of up to date solutions that will surely match your exact need. In fact, it is hot spot for many business office teams in various parts of the world. You would surely love cutting edge skip tracing techniques, effective dialer platforms and amazing collection strategies. Needless to say, you will make the right decision of choosing Kansas Counselors over elsewhere.
Kansas Counselors

You should never dare to forget the importance of hiring trusted counsellors who can help you get out of your problems. One of the best decisions that you will never regret in your entire life is to connect with Kansas Counselors and opt for their expertise.